Our History

Everything from A to Z in pearls is what you can find at A&Z PEARLS. We are a full service cultured pearl house, direct importer of all pearl varieties including Japanese Akoya pearls; South Sea white, and golden pearls; Tahitian black pearls; and Chinese freshwater pearls-in an array of spectacular natural colors, round to baroque shapes, and a range of sizes.   

We are the source for the most comprehensive selection of cultured pearl strands in a variety of pearl types, natural colors, sizes, shapes, and necklace lengths. Our strands come with an A&Z Pearl Certificate that guarantees the pearls have passed strict quality control standards for export. The document describes the type of pearls in the strand, color, luster, surface, shape and make, as well as advises on pearl care-an effective sales tool in a beautiful presentation that provides peace of mind to consumers in their pearl purchase.  

Moreover, A&Z PEARLS offers a rich assortment of clasp styles in 14K and 18K gold, many of the designs set with diamonds, providing great opportunity in add-on sales as you help customers transform the look of a pearl necklace by changing the clasp. An important service, A&Z PEARLS can handle all of your pearl and bead stringing needs. Our skilled stringing department is dedicated to the highest quality customer service at the most competitive prices. We match pearls for necklace lengthning, pearl replacement, and add-a- pearl necklaces.

A&Z PEARLS also has incredible depth of inventory in finished pearl jewelry in rings, earrings, pendants, pins, enhancers, chain necklaces, and pearl bracelets in designs from classic to cutting edge, as well as cool men's pearl wear, necklaces and bracelets with pearls on rubber cord.

Recognized for our one-of-a-kind and limited edition pearl jewelry, A&Z PEARLS creates distinctive designs around unique pearls-typically highlighting unusual pearl shapes in the most imaginative ways. Handcrafted brooches and pendants ingeniously use these singular pearls to create flowers, sea life, butterflies, birds, animals, ballerinas, mermaids, and clowns. The pieces come together with intricate gold carvings and the use of other precious metals and gems.

Over the years we've been honored with many accolades for our designs including Jewelers of America Jewelry Award for Excellence in Women's Jewelry Design, MJSA American Vision Award, AGTA Spectrum Design Award, Tahitian Pearl Design Award, Japan Export Association Design Award, American Pearl Design Award, and JCK Jewelers Choice Award. 

Avi Raz started A&Z PEARLS in 1981 after falling in love with cultured pearls while working in Japan for five years. When his stint there ended, he returned to the United States with the pearls he had grown to love so much, and a new career to cultivate.

When selecting pearls for A&Z PEARLS, Avi is always searching for the best quality for the best value. He evaluates all the pearls he sees with one question in mind: "Would I want my two beautiful daughters wearing these pearls!" Avi is very particular about quality, because superior value is what customers want.

With great passion for his product, education has always been paramount to Avi, who has been an advocate of best business practices since he entered the jewelry industry. Lecturing as a pearl expert at the Gemological Institute of America and local colleges in the Los Angeles area, Avi was instrumental in developing GIA's pearl course. 

Giving back to the industry that has given him so much, Avi is a longtime firm member of the American Gem Trade Association and Cultured Pearl Association of America, and serves on many boards including AGTA and the Jewelers Board of Trade, and an advisory board member for the JCK Las Vegas Show since its inception. A&Z PEARLS is also a supplier member of the Independent Jewelers Organizaiion and Retail Jewelers Organization. 

A&Z PEARLS works with jewelers who seek the highest quality standards and share the same level of honesty and integrity as we do. We are committed to providing superior customer service and building strong relationships with our retailers that will in turn help them build strong relationships with their customers. Our extremely qualified and conscientious staff recognizes that we're in this together. Our priority is helping our jewelers sell more pearls by providing them with the finest quality cultured pearl products at the best prices, backed by topnotch customer support.